I'm a small artist with a nice workshop in Verona, Wisconsin that takes pride in taking the proper amount of time to do each piece right.  Using urban wood cut down by City of Madison arborists, we support Habitat for Humanity whom we purchase the wood from. 

I enjoy the challenge of bringing custom orders to life.  Feel free to submit a custom order to get a quote on what I can put together. 


Do you provide International delivery?


Contact me directly about an international order.  I'm able to do them, but it's easier to handle it outside of the site.



How do I return an item?


Sorry, but we do not do returns.  We do custom pieces and are a one man business. 



What is your damaged items policy?


We're able to repair most damaged items (split wood and faded image are the most common), but the customer will pay for shipping of the item and 'above and beyond' repair costs.  These might include the time necessary to fix a large piece or additional wood necessary to join a damaged piece.

How do I track my order?


Tracking numbers will be sent when available.  Shipping is done through USPS unless otherwise requested.



Where do you get your wood from?


Our wood is from urban trees in Dane County Wisconsin, cut down by city of Madison arborists.  They mill the wood and donate it to Habitat for Humanity where I purchase the raw wood, process it to a finish able product, and hand burn it to a completed product.


Why don't  you just paint?

This gives depth to the piece and brings the character of the wood to the surface.  As well, it lasts longer when treated right and does not fade like paint does when exposed to UV light.